At Deck Protect Plus, we help homeowners add value to their properties while allowing them to enjoy the practical and beautiful results of their outdoor decks. We or a licensed and insured company and we can help you with your residential and commercial deck weatherproofing and repair projects in Chester County and surrounding areas.


Meet Deck Protect Plus

During our initial visit, we’ll speak with you, the homeowner, to understand your needs. We’ll share some examples of previous work we’ve done and explain what’s involved in the deck protect process. We’ll answer any questions you may have.  We’ll inspect your deck to determine precisely what needs to be done and share your quote.

Deck Protect Wash

Next, we’ll clean your deck to prepare it for staining. We use environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaners which remove biological growth and airborn pollutants.

During our second visit, we’ll perform our Deck Protect preparation proces. As part of the process, we’ll examine every inch of your deck to ensure the job’s done right. If we come across any loose nails, we’ll hammer them down. The handrails will be lightly sanded to remove any loose splinters.

Deck Protect Waterproof Stain

We’ll return a final time between 48 hours to 2-weeks (depending on the weather) to apply the pigmented wood protector. Our stain is an all-in-one product perfect for bringing out your deck’s natural beauty. Once applied, your deck will benefit from:

  • UV protection to prevent early deck fading.
  • Water repellant to keep your deck from premature decay.
  • Biological growth inhibitors.

Deck Protect Plus will keep your deck looking amazing – like you want it to look, not like Mother Nature wants it to look. Afterall, your deck is nothing more than an extension of your house, so shouldn’t it look like the rest of your house?


We offer a full 1-year guarantee on all deck staining projects.

365 Days


Maintaining your Chester County Deck is important. Because once damage has occurred, you’re left with two options:

  1. You can prevent it from getting any worse.
  2. Start repairing boards on your deck, which can be much more expensive than regularly scheduled deck maintenance.

Like most aspects of owning your home, it’s less expensive to maintain it’s beauty and structure than it is to bring it back once it’s been lost.

You should have your deck cleaned if your deck shows signs of :

  • Dirt
  • Stains from airborne pollutants
  • Bleaching out by the sun
  • Turning gray or black
  • Biological growth

When your deck is expertly cleaned, these things will be removed, it will look clean and nearly brand new. Before we prepare or protect your deck, it’s important to have it cleaned and remove loose pieces of wood.

Finally, if your deck needs to be stained or re-stained, it is important to have your deck cleaned to remove anything that’s loose before it’s prepared and protected.

When it comes time to stain your deck, you have two options:

You can go with a semi-transparent stain, which will accent the grain of the wood, adding just a hint of color. Semi-transparent deck stains last one to three years.

Or you can go with a solid or semi-solid stain which will completely color the wood on your deck. These stains generally commit you to continue using them for the life of your deck, but provide longer lasting protection from three to five years.

The length of stain protection for your deck depends on your deck’s exposure to the elements, with the Sun being the harshest element.

If you don’t like the stain currently on your deck, and you want to change the color or apply a semi-transparent stain, we may be able to strip your deck. Not every deck stain can be removed, though many can.

We’ll chemically remove the existing stain using an environmentally friendly stripping agent along with powerwashing. When we’re done, your deck will look brand new and back to a neutral palate. After that, you’ll have any option available to you as far as color and stain.

Exterior wood, such as decks, require extremely high maintenance. They’re exposed to the elements, particularly your horizontal deck floor boards and handrails. With pressure-treated wood, you may notice warping, splitting, cracking, or splintering over time. When these boards are damaged enough, the only way to fix this is to begin to replace parts of your deck. That’s why we promote regular deck maintenance to avoid costly deck repairs.

If you have an existing deck that’s on its last legs, there may still be hope! The underlying deck structure may be in acceptable condition. So we can remove your old deck boards and redeck the deck with new lumber or composite boards. This will extend the life of your deck without replacing it entirely. Finally, there are many options available for upgrading your entire railing system.


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